UV DOUX is a silicone based sunscreen with high protection SPF 50 with PA +++


UV DOUX is a unique combination of Silicone Elastomer Gel which offers following benefits :

Quick Absorption

Sebum control in acne patients

Restricts formation of free radicals

Slows down photo induced process that leads to cell aging

Ensures protective film over sunscreen when in contact with water & sweat. Offers high water & sweat resistance.

Skin Feel Profile:

Rub in: Great slip and exceptionally velvety

After dry down: Nongreasy, light and persistent silkiness

No balling effect when rubbed on skin

UV Doux

blocks harmful UV rays by Triple Action

Zinc Oxide is an excellent sunscreen because it has the broadest UV protective spectrum and cannot be absorbed into your blood, unlike all the petroleum-based sunscreen chemicals. It sits on the top of your skin where it needs to be, effectively providing a layer of armor against damaging UV rays.


Titanium dioxide is a physical sunscreen protecting against UVB and short UVA (a.k.s. UNA-1) light. It has a long history of seemingly safe use and is not irritating.


Bemotrizinol is one of the very few chemical sunscreens with good coverage of the entire UVA spectrum. It also provides some UVB protection. Furthermore, it does not degrade under sunlight and is not significantly absorbed into the skin.


Wavelengths covered: about 280-400 nm, which covers both UVB and UVA ranges.

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