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Research & Development

Innovation from Ideation

At BRINTON, research and innovation are the cornerstones of its long-term business strategy. Product Development commands center stage in our R&D program, primarily focused on developing a quality portfolio of niche differentiated products that address unmet medical needs.

Path-breaking Innovations in Drug Discoveries & Deliveries
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Our prodigious pharmacists are constantly pushing the frontiers of research to find unique solutions to challenging ailments and health conditions for better patient care, viz:

  • World-class multi-locational research & manufacturing partner facilities

  • International accreditations such as WHO GMP, PICS, PPB, NDA, TFDA, etc. ensure the highest standard of quality

  • Consumer healthcare as well as Specialty care serving both acute and chronic customer segments in Clinical and Aesthetic dermatology and Nutraceuticals

  • Global supply chain network

  • 800+ talented & experienced people-friendly workforce

Science Lab


Our products are manufactured at World-class multi-locational research and manufacturing partner facilities, that are certified by the most stringent global regulatory authorities like the WHO, GMP, PICS, PPB, NDA, NAFDAC Nigeria, Ministry of Health-Yemen, Ministry of Health-Congo, IDA Netherlands, TFDA, UK MHRA, WHO, ANVISA - Brazil, Ukraine. These facilities manufacture 300+ product SKUs in wide-spread dosage forms, Consumer healthcare as well as Specialty care serving both acute and chronic.


We continually strive for unparalleled operational excellence harnessing integrated Production, Quality, and Regulatory Compliance standards. Our ‘Global Capacity Partnership Pool’ (GCPP) ensures significant operational synergy in bringing innovations to Life. We are thus in a position to serve different markets with customised products through our well-established global supply chain network.

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