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Importance of Sunscreen for Your Skin!

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Vitamin D is essential for our skin, but our skin also has to undergo the harsh effects of the ultraviolet rays. It becomes essential to protect our skin from exposures of harmful UV rays through sun guards like sunscreen creams.

UV Doux is the best sunscreen in India that gives the required protection from the harmful rays of the sun for sensitive, oily, dry or even sun allergic skin. UV Doux is the best sunscreen recommended by dermatologists in India as it offers 50+++ protection against UVB, UVA, and IR, is paraben-free, alcohol-free, and does not contain dye and emulsifiers.

Did you know? Up to 80 percent of the sun’s rays can pass through clouds, so if you are under an assumption that it’s OK to skip protection on an overcast day, think again.

As ultraviolet rays are not blocked by the clouds so even if the sun isn’t visible, you’re still exposed to them. UV Doux offers 50+++ protection against UVB, UVA, and IR. You might feel that the damaging effects of a sunburn go away once the redness disappears, but that is not the case. Ultraviolet rays go deep down the skin into its layers, where the cells can be damaged or even killed. Sunburn is what our skin reacts to the harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Importance of Sunscreen for Your Skin!
Importance of Sunscreen for Your Skin!

Sunscreen Facts

Application Time

Applying a higher sunscreen SPF once does not mean you do not need to reapply. A sunscreen lotion should be reapplied at least every two hours, regardless of its SPF value. UV Doux is equipped with 50+++protection that will guard you efficiently on all your endeavours!

Protection With the Right Amount

Applying the right amount of sunscreen is essential, as a sunscreen's SPF protection is compromised if too little is applied. It takes approximately 30 ml (1 ounce) of sunscreen to cover an average-sized body.

Be Young Always - Prevent Premature Aging

Sun damage from UV rays causes photoaging of the skin, which is characterized by a thick, leathery look; discoloration; and a breakdown of collagen, which contributes to lines, sagging, and wrinkles. Studies have shown that those who do a regular application of the best sunscreen lotion have fewer chances of developing these signs.

An Even Skin Tone

Sunscreen lotion helps prevent discoloration and dark spots from sun damage, which gives you an even skin tone and helps you maintain smooth skin.

Every skin is special and requires protection from the adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation, and can benefit from sunscreen use. One must ensure the right application methods and choose the suitable sunscreen lotion that gives adequate protection.

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