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Choosing the Suitable Sunscreen for Your Skin Type

Choosing the right sunscreen lotion for your skin is just like choosing the right soulmate!

Just like your soulmate, who is usually someone you’re comfortable with and who compliments your personality, the same goes for finding the right sunscreen. It should be the one you’re comfortable applying — and reapplying — every single day, and is the perfect match for your skin type.

Often when we visit the store there are oodles of different sunscreens with different SPFs which makes our selection process more difficult.

Choosing the Suitable Sunscreen
Choosing the Suitable Sunscreen

What is SPF?

SPF is the Sun Protection Factor, the Sunscreen SPF is the level of protection the sunscreen provides against UVB rays. UVB radiation is the primary cause of sunburn, skin damage and skin diseases.

There’s a notion among the people that higher SPF means higher protection, however, this assumption is not very factual. Now, if you choose an SPF with a higher value, it will make your skin disproportionately oily and may also cause burning or itching.

The SPF number indicates how long your skin can be exposed to the sun before any damage like a sunburn. It takes approximately 15 times longer to burn with sunscreen SPF 15 compared to without sunscreen.

However, all this can be overwhelming while making the decision to select the right product for your skin type. Let us navigate through all this and consider the following factors while choosing the best for your skin.

Consider Your Skin Type

Oily Skin

It is always advisable to choose a gel-based sunscreen if you have oily skin. These are considered to be the best sunscreen for oily skin.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is prone to an array of infections and is vulnerable to damage with the usage of ingredients like alcohol, fragrances, oxybenzone, and various others. Physical sunscreens work wonders for sensitive skin and remain on the outermost layer of the skin without absorbing, ultimately blocking the UV rays thus making them the best sunscreen for sensitive skin.

Dry Skin

For dry, flaky, or itchy skin, sunscreens are a boon to not only prevent your skin from drying out but also give a moisturizing effect on it. Sunscreen for dry skin is also available with natural ingredients comprising aloe vera or honey.

Quality of Ingredients

The ingredient list is a vital aspect in any sunscreen lotion. UV Doux offers a unique combination of Silicone Elastomer Gel that is considered to be the best sunscreen recommended by the dermatologist in India and it offers the following benefits:

● Quick absorption.

● Restricts formation of free radicals.

● Slows down the photoinduced process that leads to cell aging.

● Ensures a protective film over sunscreen when in contact with water and sweat.

● Offers high water and sweat resistance.

● No balling effect when rubbed on the skin.

Always remember, applying sunscreen is like investing for a long term that yields the desired results. We might not see the effects on an immediate basis like serums or exfoliating products, but after a certain period, the benefits are much likely to be seen. so, Consistency is the key when it cames to the application of sunscreen!

So, if you’re looking for “the suitable” sunscreen that will accompany you on a daily basis, then it's time to consider these guidelines while you choose the perfect one for your skin!

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